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Modernizing a Market Pioneer

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A trailblazer in the organic produce market for over 30 years, Awe Sum Organics is devoted to providing the best tasting, freshest organic fruit available. They are the largest importer of organic, non-GMO apples and kiwifruit in the US and Canada.

As a well-established leader in the organic produce industry, Awe Sum was seeing new, major competitors entering the space. As part of a larger strategy to retain market share, they worked with us to update their brand perception and improve their customers’ online experience.

Brand Strategy

A Fresh Perspective

The existing brand had a long history, important equity and recognition, and symbolized three elements of farming—sun, water, and plants. But a brand refresh was necessary to connect it to the new aesthetic of their website. We simplified and modernized their logo while retaining the important legacy aspects of their brand.

Awe Sum Organics Brand Identity Main Logo

It was important to keep the core sun, water, and plant components of the original intact.

Brand Identity

Brand Consistency

One benefit to a brand refresh is the ability create uniformity in brand extension. The new brand allows them to be perceived under a single, strong brand identity.

Awesumorganics Shirt
Aso Wood Square

Icons & Illustrations

Custom Brand Extension

A unifying element designed to extend the brand across the website and throughout other collateral, we created a triangular pattern based on the three elements that make up the logo.

Following the same illustration style, we created icons to represent each of the six product categories they distribute: pears, kiwifruit, grapes, citrus, blueberries, and apples.

Awe Sum Organics Brand Identity Pattern

Brand Style Guide

Brand Style Guide

An updated logo, color palette, illustration style, font choices, messaging, and website created an opportunity to communicate clear brand guidelines throughout the company. The Brand Style Guide gives the Awe Sum marketing and sales teams everything they need to consistently roll out and extend their brand.

Extensive brand manual promotes consistency.

Brand Messaging

We did a messaging revamp to align with the brand refresh. Starting with their Brand Story, we worked with them to create a consistent elevator pitch, new taglines, and a vision statement. We also helped them express their market position, decide on a company-wide brand personality, and develop their core messaging. The results were in-depth messaging guidelines that wrap up the Brand Manual we produced.

Art Direction,


Information Architecture,

Website Design

A Reliable Information Source

Unlike a retail business, orders aren’t placed online in the B2B organic produce world. And purchasing agents don’t have time to track ships making their way around the world. We featured a “Get in Touch” button at the top right of every page so that buyers can reach out to the Awe Sum Organics team and place orders, check on their order status, and get current market information.

Supermarket buyers are purchasing thousands of items. They need information quickly. We worked with the Awe Sum Organics team to define and implement an information hierarchy that provides a lot of information that’s simple to find and quick to access.

Aso Homelayouts

Homepage leverages high quality images for impactful storytelling.

Aso Products

Product availability calendar has easily accessible product information.

Aso Growers

Highlighting the network of growers was important for the brand story.


One of the things we’ve learned about people associated with organic food is how passionate they are about doing good through something many people take for granted. At each step we could count on their team to review our work through the combined lense of helping the world while being pragmatic about running a business. It’s a difficult balance to maintain. This tension made for meaningful, and sometimes difficult, discussions. Ultimately, finding the right balance of passion vs. pragmatism allowed us to present the Awe Sum Organics organization as the thoughtful and savvy people they truly are.

Branding & Strategy

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Websites & Digital Products

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Photo & Video Production

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