Lakota People's Law Project Action Center

An Action Center to Increase Engagement

Issue Page Hero Background

The Challenge

The Lakota People’s Law Project reconnected with us to develop an Action Center designed to guide supporters toward deeper commitment and more activity. The original site we created for them features a single action on the Homepage. With new campaigns related to multiple issues launching regularly, they need a flexible platform that makes it easy to highlight, add, and remove actions. In addition, the Action Center strategically moves people along a path of increased interaction and simplifies growing awareness.

The Outcome

The Action Center allows the Lakota People’s Law Project team to quickly stand up new campaigns and get people to donate, advocate, sign petitions, and more. Its minimalist design surfaces actions with few distractions and presents additional actions and opportunities to become educated on related issues and their sister programs.


  • Strategic Brand Building
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Content & Campaign Consulting

Focus Areas

  • Climate Action & Environment
  • Policy & Advocacy
  • Foundations & Philanthropy
  • Social Equity & Justice
  • Arts & Culture

A Strategy of Simplicity

For Action Centers we design, we strive to reduce complexity, focus on single actions, minimize distractions, and drive people to increased post-action engagement.

When people arrive at the homepage, they are presented with a grid of issues central to the LPLP mission. From there, it’s one click to a current action — an efficient way to increase engagement.

Visitors in a learning mindset can scroll down and see how to donate, discover successful actions, and find other ways to get involved.

Lakota Peoples Law Project Action Center Homepage 2021 03 19 012709

Significant Successes

The New York Times listed, “...the Lakota People’s Law Action Center…” as one of the factors in getting President Biden to nominate Native American Deb Haaland to lead the Interior Department.

Lakota Peoples Law Project Action Center New York Times

An Engagement Flow

The Action Center is built around the idea of moving people to become increasingly active and committed. Move empathetic observers to become participants. Transform one-time donors into sustaining donors. Get donors to become vocal advocates and activists. Use the resources provided to spread awareness and fundraise.

Extensive Planning Process

To minimize complexity and maximize the experience, we used wireframes to nail user flow before designing pages. The process enabled us to gain clarity around the goals of the Action Center and efficiently execute during the design and development phases.

Lakota Peoples Law Project Action Center Wireframe

A Fluid Design

The design of the Action Center takes supporters quickly to actionable items, minimizes friction, and ensures seamless interaction with donation flows, both on desktop & mobile. We limit the steps to get to donation pages and avoid clutter once someone arrives. On action pages, we minimize distractions that might cause them to drop off.

Lakota Peoples Law Project Action Center Single Action

Increased Opportunities

When someone completes an action, additional actions and learning opportunities are automatically presented, including crossover options to discover other programs run by their parent organization — the Romero Institute. The curated experience keeps track of actions taken and doesn’t resurface completed actions.

Built using JAMStack and a Craft front end/CMS, the Action Center is integrated with the EveryAction fundraising and engagement platform. This allows LPLP to gain insights on what a visitor has already viewed & donated. Together, JAMStack and Craft provide an easy to use backend experience for content creators that requires little maintenance.

Lakota Peoples Law Project Action Center Campaign

A Different Take on Fundraising

The Action Center allows LPLP to embrace a more linear fundraising strategy. Fundraising is based on specific actions rather than a general funding approach.

Because they can quickly deploy new campaigns, they can request donations at different steps of a campaign over an extended period of time. The Action Center also provides paths to convert people into Recurring Donors and give in other ways.

Lakota Peoples Law Project Action Center Membership
Lakota Peoples Law Project Action Center Supporter Toolkit
The Supporter Toolkit provides supporters & advocates with visual assets.

Rethinking Awareness

Opportunities abound throughout the Action Center to increase engagement and easily share actions that lead to wider reach. The LPLP team has learned that giving supporters tools to increase awareness can be as — or more — effective than running an annual awareness campaign.

Lakota Peoples Law Project Action Center Awareness
JAMStack & Craft provide an easy to use experience for content creators.

Campaign Communications

The overall communication strategy and online experience was developed with the LPLP team to bring best practices to bear when creating and executing campaigns.

In order to engage people referred by a current supporter, each campaign page has a primary action, related impacts, and a history of the ongoing action and accomplishments so far.

Lakota Peoples Law Project Action Center Communications

Expanded Design System

The Action Center is our second project with the Lakota People’s Law Project. Previously we refreshed their brand as we designed and developed their website. We took that design language and ported it over to the Action Center, adding to the design system as needed.

We extended the button styles to include custom arrows based on traditional Lakota arrowheads.

Lakota Peoples Law Project Action Center Design Systems

New bold colored card styles were introduced placed in asymmetrical grids of images, articles, metrics, and data.

Lakota Peoples Law Project Action Center Card Styles

Videos that allow for deeper storytelling were incorporated into single issue action pages along with donate and petition signing pages.

Lakota Peoples Law Project Action Center Donate

In order to bolster social proof, carousels were built to allow for multiple testimonials without taking up vertical space.

Lakota Peoples Law Project Action Center Testimonial

Adding to the Icon Family

Single lineweight icons used across the Action Center extend the existing family of icons and illustrations and also bring in additional cultural elements approved by tribal members.

Lakota Peoples Law Project Action Center Icons

Scannable Copy

We took a high-impact, minimal word approach to the copy and had to make every word count. The word choice is very precise and selections are made in an iterative and highly collaborative way.

Lakota Peoples Law Project Scannable Copy

Scope of Work

  • Strategic Brand Building

    • Brand Research
    • Content & Messaging Strategy
  • Digital Infrastructure

    • Modern Bespoke Website Design & Development
    • Action Centers
    • Digital Blueprints
    • Branded Website Content & Copywriting
  • Content & Campaign Consulting

    • Awareness & Growth Campaigns
  • Other

    Related Work

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