Wind Harvest

Introducing a New Wind Energy Market

Wind Turbine Mockup Hero

The Challenge

Wind Harvest has been computer modeling and field-testing prototypes of their H-style wind turbines in California, Finland, and Denmark over the past 30+ years. Today they’re taking the last few steps toward production.

To support their funding efforts going into the final push prior to going to market, they came to us to modernize their brand, create collateral and presentations for crowdfunding and traditional accredited investors, as well as update their messaging to align with the next phase of the company.

The Outcome

The new brand, messaging, and fundraising collateral work together to create a cohesive brand experience. Through a deeply engaged collaboration, we delivered the foundational elements Wind Harvest needs to transition from an R&D-focused organization to a market pioneer at the forefront of sustainable energy production.


  • Strategic Brand Building
  • Content & Campaign Consulting
  • Digital Infrastructure

Focus Areas

  • Climate Action & Environment
  • Science & Technology
  • Social Equity & Justice

Design Synergy

The Wind Harvest logo consists of a rugged, durable, and sustainable wordmark paired with a clean, innovative icon. The combination creates a timeless and memorable identity that hints at the movement of wind and illustrates layering, connection, and the ability to mesh synergistically with other technologies in the sustainable energy space.

Wind Harvest Primary Logo

Distinctive Brand Elements

While the primary brand expression is a cobalt blue icon with a black wordmark, we provided variations to support different use cases.

Wind Harvest Secondary Logo Badges

The color palette includes colors that are distinctive in the wind energy sector. Chartreuse, deep green, lavender, and sky blue are all colors inspired by nature that aren’t typically associated with energy production.

Wind Harvest Color Palette

One distinct brand feature is the hand-drawn style lines that point out key information, break up sections of text, and create hierarchy. These lines, circles, underlines, squiggles, and highlighter elements create a human touch and texture and put liveliness into the technological aspects of the written copy.

Wind Harvest Additional Benefits

The Wind Harvest photography style is minimal, geometric, textural, light, and technical. Photos are used to contribute texture and contrast, elevate the aesthetic of touchpoints, illustrate the Wind Harvest product, and highlight its unique features. We sourced uniquely styled photos that are inspired by wind and energy while being things that you can see. The photos have an aetherial feeling that conveys ideas in a beautiful, conceptual way.

Wind Harvest Photo Grid

A Fresh Take on Classic Fonts

The Wind Harvest typefaces make the brand system and experiences feel innovative and bold.

PolySans is a modern typeface, based on a mid-20th century classic, with subtle details that make it visually distinct. PolySans Italic is script-like and is used as an accent to headlines, as well as for the trademarked “Wind Harvester” turbine nomenclature.

Inspired by the Futura font, Gellix is used for the Wind Harvest wordmark, does the heavy lifting for copy and content across brand applications, and is used throughout the brand for subtitles and accents. It looks modern and light, like the Wind Harvest product line.

Wind Harvest Type 1
Wind Harvest Type 2

Bold Yet Subtle Brand Extension

The brand expression that’s going to be most experienced in the world is the Icon on the base of Wind Harvesters. Due to the tower being made of unpainted steel, the white version of the Icon is used on 3 places on the tower, allowing it to be subtle, yet seen from any direction.

Wind Harvest Turbine Logo

Icons as Light as the Brand

The Wind Harvest icon style is clean, geometric, minimal, and modern and uses a single line weight in black to maintain consistency and legibility. The icons are abstract and simplified representations of concepts that support the brand messaging.

Wind Harvest Icon Set

Maintaining Brand Consistency

Final testing and certification of the go-to-market Wind Harvesters is due to commence in 2022. With those plans in place, and internal capacity to build out their site, we provided the Wind Harvest team with a detailed Brand Style Guide that gives them the parameters for cohesive use of the brand elements and messaging components for years to come.

Wind Harvest Brand Collateral

Bolstering a WeFunder Campaign

We worked with the Wind Harvest team to create visual assets for their second WeFunder campaign. We customized elements from the Investor Pitch deck we created, as well as photos, illustrations, and graphics unique to the campaign.

Pitch-Ready Assets

Over the past few years, the Wind Harvest leadership team has connected with a significant network of accredited investors. As they begin to engage their go-to-market strategy, they need a story-based pitch deck that allows them to customize their pitch to individual investors.
We gave them a structure based on a project they have in the works that’s comprised of a library of Google Slides that they can use to quickly put together focused decks.

Wind Harvest Pitch Deck

Pillars of the Company

At their heart, Wind Harvest is a company dedicated to, “Preventing the world from blowing past the climate change tipping point.” But they are also a business. We worked with them to define the principles that encompases the depth of their organization and express their philosophy of business profitability alongside their mission to reverse climate change.

Target Audience Identification

As Wind Harvest rounds the corner toward entering the wind energy marketplace, it is critical to identify the audiences that their messaging needs to reach. These include two audiences for fundraising and potential customers.

Strategically, our messaging leans into their go-to-market positioning, intentionally moving away from the aspirational and technical language they used while in R&D mode.

Target Audiences x3

A Unique Brand Narrative

The Wind Harvest team asked for our help in crafting a concise brand story — one that appeals to investors and customers while providing historic context and surfacing some of the benefits of their products.

Frame 306 1
Frame 306

Marketing & Communication Messaging

We generated distilled messaging to provide the Wind Harvest team with resources for their ongoing fundraising and future marketing needs. From Core Messaging for journalists and press releases to an Elevator Pitch and a Social Media Bio, the marketing and communications team is set up to get rolling.

Wind Harvest Social

Defining a Business Sector

Wind Harvest is creating new business sectors pioneering new technology. These aspects of the company require specific terms to be identified and defined. To keep their messaging unified, specific phrases and technology descriptions had to be determined, described, and clarified.

To make sure that everyone in the organization is consistent in their messaging, we created a Language Lexicon that provides usage guidelines that are specific to their organization and the new business sectors they’re creating.

Wind Harvest Language Lexicon Crop

Scope of Work

  • Strategic Brand Building

    • Brand Research
    • Visual & Messaging Landscape Analysis
    • Interviews & Focus Groups
    • Brand Identity & Design Systems
    • Brand Messaging
  • Content & Campaign Consulting

    • Brand Extension, Collateral, & Materials
  • Digital Infrastructure

    • Branded Website Content & Copywriting
  • Other

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