Articulating a Vision for Healthy Oceans

Fishwise Cover

The Challenge

For over two decades FishWise has promoted the health and recovery of ocean ecosystems through advocacy, leadership convening, and working with global policy makers in the seafood industry. As reliable funding sources shifted focus, they came to us for help to create a pitch deck that expresses their complex theory of change for the sustainable seafood industry.

The Outcome

This project allowed us to provide a full suite of services with a strong purpose. We like being involved in every aspect of a project from logo design to brand extension through messaging, website design, development, and copywriting along with video production and the creation of external collateral.


  • Strategic Brand Building

Focus Areas

  • Climate Action & Environment
  • Policy & Advocacy
  • Social Equity & Justice
  • Sustainability & Food Systems

Theory of Change Presentation

The FisheWise team came to the project with a fully realized theory of change. Our challenge was to express it in a way that was easy to show and understand during a pitch.

The result is a two slide introduction to the theory of change followed by three series of slides that reveal the complex actions they take to achieve their goals without overwhelming the audience.

Fishwise 2030
Fishwise Illustrating Interdependence
Fishwise Designing Components

Landscape Analysis

Having done ocean health projects with Oceankind, MBARI, and Aiim, we were able to combine our knowledge with research into other policy-based organizations to advise FishWise on how to elevate their funding pitch.

Fishwise Insights Recommends
Presenting our recommendations

Big Picture Perspective

Our diagnostic process led us to discover how best to provide value to FishWise. As part of our research, we conducted a series of target audience interviews that gave us insight into how the organization is perceived, what they do well, how much they are respected, the value they bring as collaborators, and where they can improve.

Fishwise Interviews
Distillation of target audience interview findings
Fishwise Theory of Change
Fishwise came to us with their Theory of Change
Fishwise Full Pitchdeck
The full pitch deck without animations

Visual Strategy

The color palette for the deck is an expansion on the colors used on the FishWise website and their marketing materials. New colors are used to present the stats in the case study slides.

Also in keeping with their branding, photos throughout the deck encourage viewers to turn conceptual issues into relatable, real world problems. Strategically, the photos were chosen to re-enforce the themes presented in each slide and to show the FishWise team members at events.

Fishwise Brand Elements

Concept Visualization

Custom illustrations serve to help get across complicated ideas with limited copy. We want the audience to be listening to the presentation rather than reading the slides.

The copy on the slides also serves as a roadmap for the presenter, guiding them through the points they want to make. One good example of a complex idea is the presentation of the interconnected nature of their work.

Fishwise Driving Change
Visual representation of the parties involved in the pitch deck story

Personal Impact

Advocacy and convening organizations that are involved in a broad range of solutions often struggle to tell a singular compelling story. We discussed several stories with FishWise that we might use to demonstrate their complex work.

To personalize the narrative, the pitch tells the story of Captain Reg Richards, co-owner of a deep-sea trawler in British Columbia and uses that story as the through-line of the deck.

Fishwise Narrative
Setting up the narrative

The Right Tone

By design, the tone of the pitch itself varies. It starts casually as a story. This allows both the presenter and the audience to relax into the presentation. It then shifts to a more aspirational tone while the Theory of Change is presented.

Fishwise Fishing Boat

The tone then becomes more factual for the presentation of data.

Fishwise Programs
Highlighting different programs

The pitch returns to being casual to complete the story of Captain Richards, completing the emotional and narrative arc of the pitch and expanding from a personal story to FishWise’s niche in ocean advocacy. With the emotional hook set, the tone shifts again to aspirational, but focuses the presentation on the audience, telling them why they should care about and support the work FishWise does.

Fishwise Impact Areas
The deck can highlight audience specific impact areas

Story Crafting

Each slide tells a piece of the story, giving the presenter a foundation that allows them to hit the right points while using their own words.

Values Expressed

Never overtly stated, FishWise’s Mission, Vision, and Values are expressed throughout the pitch in order to align with the audience.

Fishwise Mission
Highlighting FishWise’s Mission & Values

Information Flow

Animation is used to present the Theory of Change in a way that builds without overwhelming. Photos and graphic elements keep the deck visually engaging while varied slide styles present information in thoughtful ways.

Minimal repetition of slide styles and succinct on-screen text also helps hold the audience’s attention without distracting from the spoken presentation. Repeated slides feature color variations to keep the presentation fresh and hold the viewer’s attention.

Realistic Goals

Graphics that harken back to the Theory of Change clearly lay out the vision and goals that FishWise advocates.

Fishwise Ripple Effect
Reinforcing the ripple effect of Fishwise’s work

Focused Fundraising

The culmination of the presentation, different funding slide designs allow for the ‘ask’ to be either a conversational or a tiered request.

Fishwise Fundraising

The presentation can be customized to fit the issues important to the audience. Slides can be added or removed to focus the presentation.

Fishwise Together We Can

Pitching their organization is an important component of Fishwise’s fundraising strategy. The deck and script demonstrate their value proposition, highlight their effectiveness, and describe their niche, influence, and relevancy in ocean advocacy and policy setting.

Fishwise Closing Slide

Scope of Work

  • Strategic Brand Building

    • Brand Research
    • Interviews & Focus Groups
    • Brand Messaging
  • Other

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