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The Challenge

Growmada was building an online platform for ethical consumers to purchase luxury artisanal products while allowing consumer ‘Growvestors’ to invest in the social enterprises in emerging markets that produce those products. They came to us in need if a brand, website, and messaging that tells their story and drives both audiences to adopt the platform.

The Outcome

The resulting brand, website, and brand video describes their nuanced and two-sided offering, giving them confidence to seek their initial round of funding—before they even had product to sell.


  • Strategic Brand Building
  • Content & Campaign Consulting
  • Digital Infrastructure

Focus Areas

  • Social Equity & Justice
  • Arts & Culture

It also allows consumer ‘Growvestors’ to invest in the social enterprises that produce those products in emerging markets. Their international team requested a brand, and a marketing website in order to raise Round 1 funding.

The Strategy

The Growmada brand needed to be a bridge between the three different types of people using their platform: Ethical Consumers purchasing luxury items, Investors interested in supporting Social Entrepreneurs, and Artisan-Based Social Enterprises in emerging markets.

Because the platform is new, we decided to take two approaches to getting the idea across—a website with clear messaging, and a stop-motion video to help communicate their unique value proposition. This strategy allows different types of content consumers to understand the Growmada platform.

Growmada logo
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"This is Growmada"—A symbolic approach to an explainer video using stop motion, hand-rendered line animation, and live action.

The Website

An intrinsically narrative site that flows from simple to complex concepts, breaking boundaries between sections to encourage scrolling

3 rows
Grow mobile
Grow icons3
An icon set to visually get across complex ideas.

The Growmada Platform

A collaboration to devise a smooth user flow for shoppers, investors, and artisans

Growmada platform

Scope of Work

  • Strategic Brand Building

    • Visual & Messaging Landscape Analysis
    • Brand Messaging
    • Content & Messaging Strategy
  • Content & Campaign Consulting

    • Brand Extension, Collateral, & Materials
    • Branded Photo & Video Production
  • Digital Infrastructure

    • Digital Blueprints
    • Branded Website Content & Copywriting
  • Other

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