Empowering a Revolution in Early Care and Education

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The Challenge

BridgeCare provides modern Early Care and Education (ECE) Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for government agencies and community organizations. As their business has grown, their product and service offerings have outpaced their website and online presence. Because their product is a white-space opportunity (an area without innovation in a long time), it needed an in-depth explanation and experience to help them achieve their mission of turning the dream of high-quality, affordable early care and education for everyone into reality.

The Outcome

Our work with the BridgeCare team resulted in a super robust site and digital experience that accommodates their solutions and surfaces the variety of modules central to their product offering. Because software can be a little dry, we made the presentation of the information more engaging through custom icons and illustrations along with interactivity that encourages site visitors to explore all of their options.

One key strategic element of the project was providing pathways for each of their target audiences to access the information that’s most important to them. Together we developed a hierarchy so people at the agencies they work with can easily and quickly navigate to relevant content.


  • Strategic Brand Building
  • Content & Campaign Consulting
  • Digital Infrastructure

Focus Areas

  • Public Service & Government
  • Education & Research
  • Science & Technology
  • Social Equity & Justice

Expanding on Brand Equity

BridgeCare’s success created significant brand recognition. Starting with the logo colors, we extended the palette through our moodboard process to make it more vibrant and add a tasteful amount of secondary colors. Our goal was to attract attention with a color aesthetic that is bold yet professional. To make the site feel modern, we added a saturated pink tertiary color and a rich purple as a background element.

Another aspect of their brand recognition was a decision to stick with their primary font for headlines. Based on this typography direction, we chose a new sans serif font for body copy to create a cohesive typography system. These decisions set them up for consistency as they continue to scale their marketing team.

Bridgecare Case Study Moodboards

Creating Information Systems

Designed to work in any country, state, county, or municipality, BridgeCare’s SaaS product is a complex combination of modules bundled together as ‘solutions’ to meet the specific needs of government agencies and local organizations.

We worked with their team to create a visual and written system that helps people understand the individual modules and how they can be grouped into bundles.

Bridgecare Case Study Information Systems 2

Creating a Site-wide Identification System

BridgeCare’s SaaS system is flexible by design. It’s possible to customize any solution by adding or removing modules. With over a dozen individual modules, we needed a way to codify all of their modules and solutions and help site users identify them across the site.

The resulting icon set helps a user easily determine if they have the module bundle that meets all of their needs. To help future content creators to use the right icons across the site, we supplied the BridgeCare team with a cheatsheet of all of the module icons as well as others used across the site.
Bridgecare Case Study Solution Wheel
Bridgecare Case Study Differentiator Icons
Bridgecare Case Study Target Adience Illustrations

Jumpstarting the Sales Process

Because people learn differently, visualizing how the combination of modules and solutions come together is important to getting a holistic understanding of what BridgeCare has to offer.

To accomplish this strategic goal, we designed and developed a Solution Builder — an interactive experience that lets potential customers assemble a customized solution that fits their needs.

Site visitors can start with individual modules or choose a solution bundle to understand how to package modules together. When they go through this process and request a demo, the BridgeCare sales team is in a strong position to kick off the sales process informed by the visitor’s choices.

Using Illustration to Communicate Ideas

Software can be difficult to visualize and is constantly being updated. To convey the aesthetic of the software, but remove the burden of changing illustrations across the site as their product evolves, we extrapolated product dashboards using an enticing set of illustrations. The illustrations give site explorers an idea of the interface while removing the need to constantly refresh the site.

Building a Sales Toolbox

Working with BridgeCare’s sales team, we developed a pitch deck library, giving them an array of options to build out multiple types of presentations — a process that’s core to their business model.

Bridgecare Case Study Pitchdeck

Digital Brand Expression

We often say that a brand is more than a logo — it includes the full visual and messaging expression as well as its ephemeral qualities. The digital brand expression includes everyday aspects like newsletter email templates. Having a refined approach to this element of content marketing helps the BridgeCare brand rise above others to grab the attention of decision makers and (more importantly) buyers at the government agencies and local ECE organizations they want to work with.

Bridgecare Case Study Enewsletters

Delivering a Guide for the Future

With all of the complex components that make up the BridgeCare brand expression, a Component Guide was a necessity for promoting brand consistency as the company continues to scale.

Bridgecare Case Study Component Guide

Bringing Clarity to a Complex Brand Story

The goal of revolutionizing the Early Care and Education (ECE) system is a lofty and complicated undertaking. Conveying the emotional and practical aspects of the brand story necessitated breaking it up into easily absorbed themes.

Our approach to keeping the copy succinct while allowing for a nuanced story to emerge was to start with high-level concepts and allow site visitors to get as deep into the weeds as they like.

Bridecare Case Study Impact

Striking a Balance in the Messaging Tone

In creating the voice, tone, and personality of the brand we walked the fine line between bureaucratic language and the emotionally compelling aspects of the BridgeCare message. As a company that cares deeply about the problems they’re trying to solve, it’s important to express their passion while acknowledging that the people who use their products are families, caregivers, government agencies, and local NGOs.

Bridgecare Case Study Messaging

Defining BridgeCare’s Audiences

Determining the target audiences for many social enterprises is straightforward. Even though BridgeCare’s customers are government agencies and local ECE organizations, it doesn’t make sense to communicate to these unfocused audiences.

Ultimately, government departments and programs within local ECE organizations are looking for solutions in three specific use-case areas:

Child Care
Pre-K Programs
Coordinated ECE

Once this insight became clear, it guided how we defined and chose to communicate with these audiences, allowing BridgeCare to focus their messaging.

Bridgecare Case Study Audience2
Bridgecare Case Study Audience1
Bridgecare Case Study Audience3

Creating and Elevating Key Differentiators

BridgeCare is a social enterprise with a distinct point of view. In developing their brand story, we were able to identify and express how they view this white-space opportunity differently from other companies operating in the ECE industry. This messaging elevates their company beyond being a software company to being caring partners to stakeholders across the ECE sector, helping them stand out above their competition.

Bridgecare Case Study Differentiators

Highlighting & Simplifying Benefits

The staff at government agencies face a mountain of potential solutions when they look to the private sector for goods and services. To stand out from the competitors, it’s always good to present simple benefits. We distilled this information down to succinct points that minimize jargon and present a clear case for BridgeCare.

Bridgecare Case Study Benefits

Developing Instance-Specific Mission & Vision Statements

One unique aspect of this project was evolving BridgeCare’s mission and Vision statements. During the process we developed strategies for instances when these are standalone statements, and when they are paired. This led to two versions of the statements, depending on use-case and available copy real estate.

Bridgecare Case Study Mission

Building a User-Focused Content Strategy

Because the BridgeCare team knows that some customers focus on solutions and others on modules for specific needs, we provided pathways for each of these user types. This content strategy provides the same type of flexibility in the website experience as BridgeCare’s products possess.

Bridgecare Case Study Content Strategy

Demonstrating Value

When strategizing on the Homepage experience, we focused on integrating BridgeCare’s software product with their value proposition. The succinct branded copywriting in the top Hero section demonstrates how this all comes together with the standalone vision statement to deliver a powerful punch at first sight.

Bridgecare Case Study Home

Delivering Effective Website Development

Every aspect of the BridgeCare site is designed and built to optimize user flow and feed their sales funnel. Even something seemingly as simple as their Schedule a Demo form was developed to minimize friction while maximizing user data. This strategy helps BridgeCare answer the inquiry and set up an effective product demo that makes a powerful first impression.

Bridgecare Case Study Demo Form

Information Architecture

The information flow of the BridgeCare site maximizes the ability of site visitors to navigate to the information of greatest importance to them. We provided a multitude of jumping off points on every page, empowering visitors to explore in any way that works for their learning style.

Scope of Work

  • Strategic Brand Building

    • Brand Research
    • Visual & Messaging Landscape Analysis
    • Interviews & Focus Groups
    • Brand Identity & Design Systems
    • Brand Messaging
    • Content & Messaging Strategy
  • Content & Campaign Consulting

    • Brand Extension, Collateral, & Materials
  • Digital Infrastructure

    • Modern Bespoke Website Design & Development
    • Digital Blueprints
    • Branded Website Content & Copywriting
  • Other

    Related Work

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