A Creative Team 
Dedicated to Change

We work with social impact leaders driven to create exponential change.

Our Mission

We help social impact organizations leverage today’s digital tools and modern brand marketing strategies to multiply and accelerate positive social change within the existing structural challenges of the sector.

About mission

Our Vision

Our long-term goal is to help advocate for a modern social impact sector that is healthy, sustainable, and significantly more effective for all.

About vision

The Revolution
is Digital:

A Manifesto for Modern
Social Impact Leaders

Who We Work With:

We partner with nonprofits, social enterprises, funders, and other social change organizations around the world. Aligned organizations share several characteristics. They:

  • Exist at their core to creative positive social change
  • Are looking for an organization-wide transformative change
  • Are willing to play the long game of winning sustained attention
  • Have significant, meaningful, and lasting impact potential
  • Have a unique approach to their work and are willing to be bold and take risks
  • View the work we do together as an investment rather than an expense

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Our Path to Social Impact

When Cosmic launched in 2009, we worked primarily with leading tech startups and global B2B brands in Silicon Valley. 

We also attracted the attention of social impact organizations — working on projects that felt rewarding in an entirely different way.

We made an intentional choice to shift our focus strictly toward the social impact sector in 2016. Today, we build on the experiences and expertise we gained working with leading brands — alongside continuous learning within the social impact space — to help organizations around the globe. 

We support social impact brands to help them adopt a modern mindset and culture, think and act more like modern media companies, and transform into leaders equipped to drive exponential impact in their cause niche.

We’re a team of creatives, strategists, and technologists dedicated to exploring the role that design & technology plays in driving social innovation.

Our Guiding Principles

Be brave and daring
in helping social impact organizations transform their passion into a brand that stands above the noise in the attention economy and creates exponential impact.

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