Equality Fund

Harnessing Digital Platforms to Expand Awareness

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The Challenge

Equality Fund is building the most ambitious fund for gender equality in history, inspired by feminists, managed by feminists, in collaboration with and in service of feminist movements worldwide. Our work with them is a tale of ongoing collaboration.

Our first project was a digital annual report. As a global organization, Equality Fund wanted to demonstrate their value and impact. They also wanted to increase accessibility to their annual report without the negative environmental consequences of printing a paper report in multiple countries.

The success of the digital annual report led to a second collaboration — The Daily Feminist Intention Project. Working with artists from around the world, the Equality Fund team’s vision was to co-created a one-of-a-kind digital card deck as a contribution to International Women’s Day and broader feminist communities.

The Outcome

The digital annual report allowed for new types of storytelling that is much more immersive and experiential than their previous reports. It allowed them to engage people more deeply and meaningfully. We’re excited to say that this collaboration is ongoing.

We turned their vision into a delightful interactive experience. The Daily Feminist Intention Project brought the Equality Fund community together and exposed more people to their meaningful work. Inclusive of all of the people they serve, it reminds people of the positive accomplishments happening in the world.


  • Digital Infrastructure

Focus Areas

  • Social Equity & Justice
  • Policy & Advocacy

Building on a Visual Foundation

To maintain consistency with the existing Equality Fund brand we started with moodboards of key sections of their website. This provided a foundation that we could extend to create a new digital experience that remains true to their established brand aesthetic.

Design System
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An Engaging Experience

The digital annual report is much more than a static version of a print report. We took advantage of the platform to create a microsite that’s an immersive experience. The goal was to deepen engagement with funders and Equality Funder’s international community.

From Mundane to Magical

One of our strategic goals was to transform mundane information, such as stats, into engaging experiences. We decided to treat each section of the report individually so that people are moving through a series of interactions that work as a whole, rather than a traditional long scroll.

One big challenge was to simplify the wide array of activities that Equality Fund is doing each year. We created a section titled Stories of Change that let people dig as deep into a particular accomplishment story as they like. It gives the reader full control of the content they wish to engage with.

In strategic places in the report, we include Audiograms — the voices of people involved in our work. This adds a new layer of humanity to what has previously been a static impersonal document.

Choose Your Own Adventure

One unexpected element of the report is the ability for viewers to take side journeys. The report is structured so that there are multiple areas with clear markers that encourage exploration into subjects or interests or ones that just strike someone’s fancy.

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A Reader-Driven Content Strategy

The report is intentionally segmented into consumable and logical chapters. We worked with the Equality Fund team to determine how to place visual cues that help people move through the experience. Rather than dictate each step of the process, we wanted to allow people to make choices that led them to their areas of interest and be able to easily skip or come back to areas when they like.


An Inclusive Brand Extension

The Feminist Intention digital card deck was created for International Women’s Day 2023. Just like the annual report, we wanted to have an experience that maintains brand consistency while introducing art that departs from the brand. This required a color system that works with the existing brand and the art on the cards.

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Experience Design Focused

Centered on feminist women around the world, the experience is designed to be akin to any sort of in-person card deck. We kept the interactions as simple as possible to emphasize the art and the written intentions over the tech behind the experience. To honor and give credit to the artists, we created a frictionless side-scrolling system for learning about them. 

Entirely custom built, the deck was made to be easy to share. It feels like a social experience where you can easily post on Instagram or email to a friend — anywhere in the world.

A Transparent Information Approach

The Equality Fund team was very clear that they wanted the deck exploration to feel similar to getting a tarot reading. It was a fun challenge that led us to an intuitive process for interacting with the cards.

One tricky bit of information architecture was getting people to the About section of the experience. This was critical to letting women know who was behind the creation of the deck. As we did across the microsite, we went with a minimal approach that allows for smooth information flow while emphasizing the deck itself.

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Cohesive Copywriting With An Adaptive Content Strategy

While the copy is minimal, care was taken to align it with the tone of the main Equality Fund website. The result is branded copywriting that creates a bridge between the site and The Daily Feminist Intention Project microsite experience.

The spotlight needed to be on the art and intentions. We also used language that translated without breaking the design. Because different languages have different lengths, all of the elements needed to be able to adapt regardless of which language was chosen.

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Scope of Work

  • Digital Infrastructure

    • Digital Strategy
    • Digital Blueprints
    • Modern Bespoke Website Design & Development
  • Other

    • Strategic Brand Building

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