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True Impact Potential

Cosmic is the Creative Agency for Modern Social Impact Brands.

We equip today’s social impact leaders with the strategies, tools, and mindset needed to build brands that win in the attention economy.

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We believe there’s a better way for social impact organizations to operate in modern culture.

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The Old Playbook

  • Transactional marketing (short game)
  • Information-centered communications
  • Static, brochure-style websites
  • Sporadic, unremarkable content
  • Focused on attracting donors or customers
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The Playbook for the Attention Economy:

  • Brand building (long game)
  • Human-centered messaging & storytelling
  • Best-in-class digital experiences
  • Conversation-starting, scroll-stopping content
  • Focused on nurturing community to inspire action
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Our biggest challenge was helping people more quickly and easily understand why we use dance to engage girls in STEM. Cosmic helped us update our messaging and build a brand that is bold and compelling — and represents the vibrancy, creativity, and ambition of our mission.

— Yamilee ToussaintFounder & CEO, STEM From Dance

Develop the strategies, tools, and mindset needed to reach your true impact potential.

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Strategic Brand-Building

Forge Your Impact Foundation

We translate your theory of change and desired future state into a distinct visual identity, messaging, and point of view that sets you apart from other players in the space. 

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Best-in-Class Digital Experiences

Build Your Marketing Machine

We design & develop custom websites and other digital experiences on a modern tech stack, purpose-built to move your community and drive real-world action.  

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Content & Campaign Consulting

Generate Engagement and Action

We help you plan marketing, content, and awareness strategies, teach you to get the most out of your digital tools, and evaluate & iterate to reach your growth goals.

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Become a Modern Social Impact Organization

In order to succeed today, social impact organizations must learn to think and act like a modern digital media company. Be part of a revolutionary change in how the social impact sector sees itself, is viewed by society, and carries out its work.

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