06 — We will publish scroll-stopping content

We will look to other industries — such as entertainment and modern journalism — as the benchmark for quality content. We realize that the traditional, tired formats of yesterday will not break through the noise and win in the attention economy, so we will get creative and invest in scroll-stopping approaches to sharing our ideas.

The days of the printed digital annual report, schematic-style theory of change documents, and whitepaper wall-of-text content are behind us. Driven by mobile-first experiences and advances in media and technology, our digital-first culture demands interesting, engaging, and accessible content.

The presentation and framing of your content is just as important as the ideas themselves. If you settle for mundane content, it will prevent the entire system from functioning at its full potential.

Besides the fundamentals of good design and frictionless user experiences, the content you publish must stand out and stand up against everything else competing for your audiences’ attention in their social feeds, their inbox, and ultimately their mindshare.

Is the creative quality of your content representative of your organization’s commitment to its cause?

Your audience, consciously or subconsciously, assesses the effectiveness and caliber of your organization based on each interaction with your brand, content, and digital experiences.

The pre-information-era charity looks at this high bar and thinks, “I could never produce content that competes with the likes of Netflix.” The future-thinking social impact leader looks at this challenge as a creative opportunity and understands it is a prerequisite to attracting and sustaining engagement.

07 — We will mobilize a coalition of passionate, active supporters