11 — Onward & Upward

The social impact sector is charged with solving the world’s most pressing, intractable problems — problems unsolved by our governments, institutions, capitalism, and the existing systems that control the order of our society.

Complex problems require savvy and creative thinking. The path to success may feel like an uphill battle, and there will be times when it feels hopeless, broken, and downright disheartening. But we must look at the challenge and see not only the forces working against us, but also the untapped potential for a path that leads to a more just and equitable world.

The world has never been more ripe for revolutionary change.

People are awakening to the injustices that have been swept under the rug for far too long and are eager to act. Our global, connected culture allows us to get organized, mobilize, and create change more rapidly and impactfully than ever before.

Do not get left behind by a rapidly changing world. Instead, leverage these opportunities to scale your impact and watch the seeds you plant grow and flourish.

Our call to action for you is to set aside your reservations, constraints, and excuses for why this seems impossible to achieve along with all that you already do.

Let your higher purpose inspire you to take a leap of faith. Join us in the bold yet attainable pursuit to ensure that as society advances, the arc of the moral universe may indeed bend towards justice.

Remember this: Transformative change starts as a wild idea about what could be.

It starts by envisioning a better version of society, unobscured by the roadblocks and constraints that might make the journey difficult. Most look at a sheer granite cliff and see only an impenetrable wall. But a select few stare in awe and begin to connect dots and draw lines toward an unconquered route to the summit.

We look forward to learning with you along the way and hope to one day join you at the top.


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