10 — We will lead the conversation

We will leverage our stronger position in the ecosystem to lead the conversation around the issues we are working to solve. Through our successes and our learnings, we will convene other partners and stakeholders, build consensus, and organize collective impact to help shape a better future.

Once you begin to experience the benefits of this methodology for your organization, don’t just declare victory and call it a day. You must use your new influence in your ecosystem — backed by your reputation, your unique perspectives, and your coalition of passionate advocates — to create a ripple effect of positive change.

You now have the platform in place to educate and advocate for your cause, build consensus among other players in the ecosystem to drive collective action, and influence those in positions of power who can affect the systems that shape our world.

The true power of building a platform is that important conversations can reach new audiences and expand cultural awareness.

Important conversations should not happen behind closed doors, but out in the open to invite public discourse and contribution. Civic engagement is a prerequisite to fundamental change and social progress.

Leading the conversation does not mean dominating the conversation. Like any good conversationalist, you must leave room for other voices.

Speak your mind, make your case, share your perspectives, but do not forget to listen.

Leverage your platform to amplify the voices of others who share your values and deserve a seat at the table. Educate and inspire those who are unaware of the issues you are working to address. Challenge others in your space to think bigger, aim higher, and forge a new path forward.

The pre-information-era charity’s voice is lost in the crosstalk of noisy conversations. The future-thinking social impact leader’s voice and story is too compelling, credible, and distinct to go unnoticed, and leads conversations that change the core structures of society and culture.

11 — Onward & Upward