Branded Messaging, Copywriting, and Photo and Video Production

Our collaborative messaging and website content process produces written copy, photos, and video that help you stand out and express your vision and strategy in your unique voice.

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Build a Sustainable Content Strategy

We work with social impact organizations to develop content marketing strategies that are right-sized for your capacity, expertise, and niche in your cause ecosystem.

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Make it Scroll-Stopping

Our five-component approach to messaging leads to strong communications designed to get people to take notice, get inspired, and join your community of supporters and customers.

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Always on Brand

As a design-focused agency, our content is thoughtfully aligned with your brand and digital strategy and expression — from the big picture down to the small but important details.

Content Strategy

Our content creation process is driven by your strategic goals. We utilize content design — a unique approach to content — that creates an information hierarchy that speaks to your primary audiences.

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Editorial Calendars

Produce content on a regular reliable schedule based upon unlocking capacity that you might not realize you have. We’ll work with you to set a realistic tempo for your content creation.

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Photography Production

We work at multiple levels to source, produce, curate, and guide photo assets used on your site. From designing photo treatments to overseeing multi-day photo shoots, we can adapt to your needs.

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Live Action Video Production

From “lofi” authentic content to high production value branded films, we’ll work with you to write and produce videos that help tell your story in a style that’s engaging and on brand.

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Animated Video Production

From script writing to matching animation to the visual design system of your website and action center, we’ll collaborate with you to produce animated videos that succinctly express complex ideas.

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Branded Copywriting

We employ a collaborative process for creating written content across your digital platforms that tells your impact story and conveys your vision in your unique voice.

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We’re a team of creatives, strategists, and technologists dedicated to exploring how digital experiences can spark real world change.

Joel B Color
Feedback from educators has been extremely positive. We exceeded all of the benchmarks for site usage outlined in our grant.
— Joel BreakstoneDirector, Stanford History Education Group

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