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An Organic Family Farm Dedicated to the Global Empowerment of Farmers

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Pioneers of the organic farming movement, Jacobs Farm del Cabo began as a single family farm and grew to become an international organization with a social mission that operates under two brands.

Their marketing team chose us to help them update their branding and messaging in order to highlight the company’s ongoing market position in healthy food production, sustainability, and social change while creating a clear relationship between the two brands.

Jacobs Farm Brand Identity Main Crest Logo

Jacobs Farm crest logo

Brand Strategy,

Brand Identity

Evolving the Brand Hierarchy

We strategized with the Jacobs Farm del Cabo marketing team to establish Jacobs Farm as their primary brand—acknowledging the original family farm roots of the company.

Jacobs Farm Brand Identity Tote
Jacobs Farm Brand Identity Shirt

Brand Strategy,

Brand Identity

del Cabo Brand Refresh

The sister brand to Jacobs Farm, the del Cabo brand was updated to give it a more modern treatment while retaining its market recognition. Inspired by packaging illustrations from the 1980’s, the new wordmark has a professional look with a retro feel. We retained this illustrative aspect in other elements of the brand extension such as vegetable icons.

Del Cabo Brand Identity Main Logo
Del Cabo Brand Identity Hats
Del Cabo Brand Identity Magazine

Brand Style Guide

A Source For Brand Continuity

In order to ensure a consistent brand experience, we created an extensive Brand Style Guide to provide a common source of truth for brand usage. The guide includes font and color options, rules for brand usage and co-branding, messaging guidelines, and more.

Jf Brandpages All
Jacobs Farm Brand Identity Colors

Jacobs Farm's colors were based on a Northern California coastal palette

Del Cabo Brand Identity Colors

del Cabo's color palette is based on the desert and dry climate of Baja California

Website Design

A Story-Driven Approach

We chose to clarify brand positioning, differentiation, and messaging through storytelling. This strategy transformed a standard business website into a brand experience that encourages site visitors to connect more deeply with the brand.

One element of the strategy is to highlight stories of their farmers, employees, social impact, and more using card-style callouts.


At their core, Jacobs Farm grows and sells organic produce. The Products page was designed to feel warm and enticing while clearly communicating to buyers the breadth of products on offer.

Jacobs Farm Del Cabo Website Products

Products section of the website

Icons & Illustrations,

Website Design

Brand Association & Delineation

Little details give the site a unique feel. Section breaks on long pages call back to the Jacobs Farm logo. The hand-drawn aspect of the section breaks mimics the logo as well. Content cards with the sunrise element further unify the site.

The illustration style unifies the Jacobs Farm and del Cabo brands. The colors individualize that brands. Together, they create a brand system that consolidates the organization while honoring their domestic and international facets.

Jacobs Farm Del Cabo Brand Identity Element
Jacobs Farm Del Cabo Website Mobile
Jacobs Farm Del Cabo Website

Jacobs Farm and del Cabo pages

Art Direction,


Creative Direction

We worked with their staff photographer to develop a shooting style consistent with the site design. We advised them to use a wooden background for their products to give them a uniform aesthetic and natural feel. To honor their long history we developed a strategy for using low quality photos, putting them into a small format carousel.

Del Cabo Packaging Peppers
Jacobs Farm Packaging Mint


The rebranding effort and new site helped Jacobs Farm del Cabo return to their roots as a social enterprise. They now have a fresh, modern look that tells their story of an international organic farming organization that supports Healthy Soils, Healthy Plants, and Healthy People.

Branding & Strategy

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Websites & Digital Products

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