Santa Cruz Fiber

A bold brand and platform for a city-wide fiber internet rollout

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Cruzio Internet, a local ISP, is developing a city-wide Gigabit fiber to the premises network with the goal of providing affordable Gigabit Internet to as many of the 22,000 residences and business in the City of Santa Cruz as possible. For this grand venture they needed a distinct brand that could be used to represent a movement. A gathering place for the movement, the website is designed to engage the public and drive the demand for fiber service.

Built for Speed

We approached the brand with a bold idea: focus on the speed and freedom that fiber internet provides rather than the technology that makes it possible. With this in mind, we created a wordmark inspired by the aesthetics of a classic motorcycle. 

Local. Legit. Lightning Fast.

We built a rollout campaign and a pre-signup site designed to get potential customers excited by the opportunity to sign up for fiber internet. We based our campaign strategy around individual neighborhoods and enticed users to sign up to bring fiber to their neighborhood first. 

Be First in Line

Neighborhood progress is clearly displayed to entice users to get their area to be next in line for the fiber rollout. Users can pre-sign up or pledge, and each action gets their neighborhood closer to full-fledged fiber. 

The mobile experience is clear and intuitive, allowing users all of the same functionality they would experience on a laptop.

An Expressive Style

We wanted to keep the Santa Cruz Fiber brand light, fun, and fast. We extended the main wordmark into a series of playful illustrations to communicate concepts visually with a dash of delight.

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