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Cosmic embarks on long range missions.

Our Process

Every project begins by discussing your goals. We learn where you fit in, where you are, where you want to go, and how we can help you get there. Together we create a strategy that guides every effort and ensures forward progress.

Based on the overall strategy, the project is broken down into manageable chunks. A schedule is set for each element, using our weekly sprint format. We’ll custom-tailor the process for you, in order to achieve the best results.


Brand & Strategy

Your brand and your company are inseparable. We design, refresh, and pivot brands, launching them into the world with thoughtful planning and effective execution. But that’s just the beginning. We can help you extend your brand strategy well beyond its initial launch.

Brand & Strategy Icons


  • - Logos & Wordmarks
  • - Identity System
  • - Brand Hierarchy
  • - Brand Relationships
  • - Messaging
  • - Positioning
  • - Iconography
  • - Illustration
  • - Infographics
  • - Copywriting
  • - Print Design
  • - Package Design

Web & Interface

We focus on creating user-focused designs for apps, websites, and platforms that are memorable and effective. We typically custom-build sites in order to deliver a consistent brand experience across every medium, platform, and device you touch.

Web & Interface Icons


  • - iOS App Design
  • - Android App Design
  • - Information Architecture
  • - User Interface
  • - User Experience
  • - Website
  • - Mobile Website
  • - Responsive Websites
  • - Web App Design
  • - CMS Integration
  • - Front End Development
  • - Content Development
  • - Content Curation

Photo & Video

We produce both stand-alone and project-specific videos and photo assets. Today, more than ever, the power of video can elevate your brand, tell your unique story, and allow you to remain relevant. Custom photography makes your project unique and helps express your culture.

Photo & Video Icons


  • - Concept & Storyboarding
  • - Art Direction
  • - Narrative Storytelling
  • - Brand
  • - Product
  • - Commercial
  • - Music Video
  • - Post Production

Development & CMS

We do more than design digital products. We build them start to finish using the most modern and powerful tools. Our in-house developers get deeply involved in every aspect of site design, development, and launch. From server spin-up to Full Stack Development, our team keeps up to speed with the latest tech.

Development & CMS Icons


  • - Full-Stack Development
  • - CMS Platforms
  • - E-Commerce
  • - Web Applications
  • - API Development
  • - Custom Plugins
  • - Accessibility
  • - Third-party Integrations
  • - Javascript Applications

How We Work

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We work in weekly sprints to stay on schedule, track progress, and adjust along the way as needed. A sprint is tied to a weekly sync-up meeting, so that everyone remains aware of what’s been accomplished, what needs to get done, and the next steps.

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Our internal process is super-collaborative. We have complementary skills that mesh together to produce better results than any of us could achieve alone. Though we all work together, each project is assigned a team, hand-picked to be the best crew suited for meeting your goals.

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Long Term Partners

We’re used to supporting our clients as an extension of their team. As your brand evolves, iterates, scales, and pivots, we're right there with you. After every phase we review the results and work with you to roll out your next awesome thing.


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