Best-in-Class Digital Experiences

We design & develop custom websites and other digital experiences on a modern tech stack, purpose-built to move your community and drive real-world action.

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Modernize Your Tech Stack

Empower your team to leverage the power of modern digital tools to reach new supporters, engage current advocates, tell your story, and create brand and cause awareness.

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Beyond Digital Brochures

Ditch the static, inflexible sites of yesterday and build integrated digital experiences that inform, inspire action, and lead to real-world change.

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Exceptional Design You Can Maintain

Our component-driven design systems are robust and flexible. Scale your digital presence, easily add or remove content, programs, and information — all while maintaining a cohesive, branded experience.

Digital Strategy

We determine which digital platform(s), channels, and technologies will best serve your organization in achieving your programmatic and sustainable revenue goals.

Digital Blueprints

Develop a strategy for your digital ecosystem. We can help you embrace a digital-first culture, develop goals, and guide you in implementing a plan to reach them.

Modern Bespoke Website Design & Development

We design websites, media hubs, and microsite experiences based on user experience & accessibility best practices. Our goals are to streamline information, allow for deep dives, and reduce friction to taking action. Our digital platforms and tools are built to achieve strategic goals with the functionality to convert, engage, and delight.

Action Centers

Modern supporters and advocates want to take action and make a difference. Our action centers help you activate your community to go beyond donations into building authentic relationships and move supporters up your engagement pyramid.

Web & Mobile Apps

We bring over a decade of expertise to implementing complex digital platforms we design to grow your supporter community and provide them with opportunities to get involved no matter where they are.

Branded Website Content & Copywriting

Collaborate with us to produce written content that tells your impact story, celebrates your successes, and inspires people to join your cause, and provides them with ways to join your community of supporters, advocates, funders, and partners and get involved.

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Are you ready to lead a modern social impact organization? Let’s explore our fit for working together.

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Cosmic provides a great product, but I think there are two things that set them apart. First, It was important to us that we find a values-aligned provider — Cosmic focuses on clients who identify as social impact organizations, which meant that they deeply understood our industry and carried the necessary insights to make strong recommendations. 

Second, Cosmic's investment in relationships was apparent from the start. Over the process, we got to know Eric, Matt, Karen, Katie, Neil, Nate, and Lisa very well — the team was with us every step of the way, asking the right questions and listening intently.

— Rob ActonFounder & CEO, Cause Strategy Partners

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