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We produce a variety of stand-alone and project-specific videos and photography. From company culture/brand photos and music video style videos, environmental photography, documentary/interview format videos and more, we help brands express themselves and tell their stories.

Cosmic Video Reel

Check out select clips from a few of the video projects that we produced and directed.

Cosmic Video Reel

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For the initial launch of the website, we shot over 3,000+ photos over the course of numerous shoot days to capture the essence of Santa Cruz. We also created a brand video, a culture video, and a 9-part video series to highlight influential community members for the 9 key industries represented in Santa Cruz. We are currently working on the next phase of that series, starting with a 5-part in-depth interview format. View the full case study to see more.

Choose Santa Cruz Overview Video

KB Farms

We traveled to the KB Farms headquarters near Watsonville, CA, to shoot a series of environmental photos of their greenhouses and gorgeous flowers. Arriving before dawn, we walked over five miles covering the farm from every angle - including from the air.


We converted our design studio into a photo studio, staging different areas to simulate rooms in a home. The collection of scripted shots helps convey the value proposition of Portal's breakthrough technology. 

Stanford Research Park

SRP's historic beauty, transportation options, and amenities needed to be captured to help portray a sense of community and environment across the site. We shot photos at multiple locations throughout the 700 acre park over several days during different seasons to capture the feel of the park and the companies that call it home. We also produced, directed, and shot an introductory brand video to live on the homepage of the site and tell the Stanford Research Park story in a concise narrative. 

View the full case study to see how this work was integrated into the website.

Stanford Research Park Homepage Video


We spent the day in San Francisco with the HWVP team taking environmental photos of their space and the area near their waterfront offices. In the afternoon we shot textural video for their site and then visited several nearby companies in which they've invested.


Growmada needed to convey the idea of their platform in order to attract artisans in developing countries. We took a symbolic approach that included gift boxes, wooden toys, a custom map, animation, and hand-made props. We also got to work with hand models, a music composer, and remote voice over talent reading our script.

Growmada Video

Superior Foods

For Superior Foods' new website we took environmental and culture photos at the Watsonville, CA headquarters and went behind the scenes in their refrigerated packaging plant in San Antonio, TX.

The Go Game

For the Go Game, we used the magic of green screen to combine live models, real locations, and crazy props including a live rabbit to get across the team building fun that they provide.


The HopTo app lets people access important documents on their home system from almost anywhere. The photography places website visitors in environments where they might use the app.

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