Yengst Associates

Modernizing a 40-Year-Old International Business

Icons & Illustrations, UI/UX Design, Information Architecture, Full Stack Development, Technology Consulting

Founded in 1977, Yengst Associates provides research reports and data consulting services to component suppliers, dealers, investment firms, and other machinery industry insiders throughout the world.

Their website, written and visual content, and online customer interaction had fallen behind the times. We helped them look deeply into their business and created a new digital presence that matches the company as it operates today.

The Brand

We refreshed the Yengst brand, while leaving the logo undisturbed. We also helped to refine their services into three categories to help clients easily find the information they seek. We went with a rich, saturated green to distinguish them in the market, along with black and white video and photography that dramatically identifies them as serious authorities in the marketplace.


The Marketing Site

The site has a lot of depth, covering dozens of reports, providing access to years of data, and inviting opportunities for custom analysis. We present the information through clean, simple pages, designed to get clients the knowledge they need to make buying decisions without getting overwhelmed by all of the possibilities.


The pricing information was simplified and highlighted, guiding people to predetermined packages of reports and other information at different price points. We also clarified the options for custom packages and singular, tailored reports.


The Client Portal

The second part of this project was to create a robust client portal where Yengst clients could log in and access the information that they're subscribed to including downloadable reports and interactive graphs depicting both historical and forecast market data.

When a user logs in, they're first taken to a customizable dashboard with all of the latest updates. There is a clear side navigation, as well as account section to manage settings.

Portal Dash

Market Data

Robust line graphs are easily filtered, and users have the ability to download the information into a .csv file.

Portals About And Clients

Market Reports

Users can easily see the reports that are available for download. If their subscription doesn't allow them to download certain reports, there's a call to action to easily upgrade. It's also simple for the content editor to upload reports and specify permissions for each one.

Portal Profiles

Market News

Exclusive news available only to subscribers is easily found and is another advantage to subscribing to Yengst Associates.

Portals News

Mobile Responsive

All of this information is easily available and just as robust on mobile.

Mobile Screens Alt