Nail Your Brand Strategy with this Simple Framework

A clearly defined brand strategy that is understood throughout your entire organization is key to long term success.

Eric Ressler
October 3, 2018

Whether you are a small nonprofit doing good work behind the scenes or a global leader in the social purpose space, your ability to make a difference begins with a solid brand strategy.

Over the years, we’ve worked with countless organizations to develop and apply their brand strategy. We’ve seen 100-slide brand strategy presentations. Organizations have told us that their brand strategy was “already done” then sent us documents detailing the kind of car or which celebrity personality most closely aligns with their brand. We’re the first to acknowledge that “Brand Strategy” can be glamorized, unhelpful, and just plain overdone.

But without a brand strategy to guide your efforts, you may find that your organization feels overwhelmed with no apparent purpose, process, direction, or clear idea about what sets you apart from others in your space. This lack of clarity makes decisions around core organizational functions such as marketing, communications, hiring, fundraising, and budgeting an educational guess at best—and a shot in the dark at worse.

At Cosmic, we’ve developed a simple yet effective framework for developing a brand strategy that you can use as a starting point for your organization. To use this framework for your organization, schedule uninterrupted working sessions with your leadership team to plan, collaborate, and finalize clear decisions around the following integral elements of your brand strategy.

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