How to Prepare for Your Digital Annual Report

In our follow-up to our article on “The Benefits of the Digital Annual Report”, we provide detailed information on the steps and thought processes needed to efficiently move your Annual Report into the digital realm, and how to use your report as a marketing asset.

Eric Ressler
July 25, 2018

Putting together an effective Digital Annual Report requires a significant amount of time and effort, arguably on par with a printed report. For people shifting from print to digital, this article serves as a guide to wrapping your head around the steps you need to take, the order in which to take them, exploring what kinds of assets and content to create, and strategic considerations for integrating your Digital Annual Report into your overall marketing efforts—before, during, and after the launch of your report.

We’ll look at the three phases of producing reports—Pre-production, Production, and Post Production—and discuss elements to consider when taking your Annual Report digital.

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