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Strategic Nonprofit Podcast host Trista sits down with Eric Ressler to discuss the importance of designing impactful nonprofit communications.
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All nonprofits have concrete reasons for existing, but many still struggle to receive the attention their mission deserves online. In this episode of the Strategic Nonprofit Podcast, host Trista sits down with Cosmic Founder & Creative Director, Eric Ressler to discuss the importance of designing nonprofit communications in a way that catalyzes change, increases social impact, and enhances your digital activism efforts.

“Every company in the world is trying to figure out how to be purpose-driven, even if they’re selling a widget, and as a social impact organization, that is your secret weapon.”

Episode Highlights:

  • A little bit about Eric and the story behind the social impact organization Cosmic. [0:30]

  • What is the attention economy and what impact does it have on our personal and professional lives? [1:28]

  • The impact of the attention economy on nonprofit organizations? [3:14]

  • What goes into designing communications for social impact and digital activism? [3:50]

  • Key elements of building a brand identity including clearly defined values and vision. [4:58]

  • The three pillars of effective communication tactics and strategies. [7:06]

  • Providing valuable content for your community is part of the give and take of effective communication. [8:30]

  • A 3-to-1 ratio of asking to offering value can help to keep your relationship with your community in balance. [11:45]

  • Negative communication tactics may work in the short term but there is a better way to share your message. [14:50]

  • Tactical branding and positive messaging ideas are available at Cosmic. [16:08]


“You can lean into your secret weapon, but don’t use it as an excuse for lowering the bar on the quality of
your communications.” - Eric

“How can you capture people’s attention? Get your message, story and ask across to them in a way
that’s meaningful and sustained over time.” - Eric

“There may be a time when you need to be aggressive with fundraising and asking, but it needs to be
balanced with hope and optimism and with giving back, not just taking.” - Eric



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