Social Impact Organizations Must Learn to Think and Act Like Digital Media Companies

Today’s social impact organizations have strong missions and inspiring visions, yet, all too often many of the strategies and approaches in the social impact space are still rooted in tactics that worked best in the pre-digital era.
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As a guest on The Nonprofit Exchange podcast, Eric Ressler shares his practical experience leveraging the power of branding, design, and today’s digital tools and platforms. Eric highlights the importance of building a brand and company culture that results in meaningful relationships and supports human connection, and offers tactics for social impact organizations to reach their goals sooner.

“Brand building is really about meaningful human connection and coming through on the promises you make as an organization.”

Episode Highlights

  • Eric highlights Cosmic’s founding and focus on the social impact sector. [:56]
  • Why should nonprofits think more seriously about marketing? [3:45]
  • Developing the ‘why’ behind marketing at every stage of an organization’s growth. [6:18]
  • Tactics for philanthropists and funders to help increase their impact. [10:20]
  • Key components of an effective brand that can support a promise. [14:13]
  • Creating a strong culture around a brand is critical for effective stakeholders. [16:40]
  • Cosmic focuses on the design aspect of marketing and communications. [20:40]
  • Recommendations for effective posting frequency in the attention economy. [24:30]
  • The SynerVision nonprofit community offerings. [29:35]
  • The importance of bringing design thinking into your core work and culture. [31:44]


“Overhead is not bad if it’s used wisely. Another word for overhead is investment.”

“If you really fully incorporate design and marketing into your organization, it has the ability to really supercharge your ability to create impact and become an impact multiplier.”

“Your brand is the relationship that you create with your supporters and community.”

“The actions that you take and the impact that you make is ultimately what builds or breaks a brand.”

“At the end of the day, brand building is really about meaningful human connection and coming through on the promises you make as an organization."


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