Sales POP! Podcast: Build Brand Awareness and Brand Engagement

Our Founder & Creative Director, Eric Ressler, is a guest on the Sales POP! Expert Insight Interview podcast. He sat down with Chief Strategy Officer and bestselling author John Golden to discuss creating brand awareness and brand engagement through social impact.
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Eric and John got together on the Expert Insight Interview podcast to chat about how having a cause that’s central to your values can connect you to the consumers and supporters who align with those values.

Topics include:

  • How the next generation of consumers are looking to support brands that have a social impact.
  • How figuring out and defining your niche can help you build a strong brand and make true progress.
  • Why socially aware consumers use their purchasing power to support for-profit, social enterprise, and nonprofit brands.
  • Why authenticity is critical to building a strong brand, creating brand awareness, and making true progress.

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