Non-Profit Digital Success Podcast – Increasing Donations with a Coherent Brand

Cosmic Founder and Creative Director Eric Ressler joins David Pisarek from the Non-Profit Digital Success Podcast to discuss the importance of a solid visual identity and clear and consistent messaging.
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Your brand is the way that your organization is defined and interacts with your community and donors, but too many nonprofits struggle to create a cohesive brand or believe that they have a brand at all. Without a solid visual identity, and clear and consistent messaging, you are only making it more difficult for donors to engage with your mission. In this episode, Eric Ressler, founder, and creative director at Cosmic sits down with the Non-Profit Digital Success podcast host David Pisarek for a conversation about the mindset nonprofits need when thinking about branding and other aspects of their digital presence, and how beneficial this can be for them.

“As much as you need support, you also need to provide value to your supporters.”

Episode Highlights:

  • [1:23] The need that drew Cosmic to the social impact space.

  • [4:55] Why do so many businesses struggle to find and maintain funding?

  • [7:15] Carving out a niche within the social impact ecosystem.

  • [11:46] What is the future of donations and fundraising?

  • [18:14] The importance of regular donor engagement.

  • [23:53] The benefits of having a cohesive brand.

  • [30:43] Reaching out to philanthropists about engagement.

  • [35:10] Key foundations of a successful fundraising effort.

  • [36:45] Measuring success with 3 core metrics.


“You don’t have to solve every problem in the world or even all the problems in your space. What are the
parts that you are best suited to solve, where are your unique strengths as an organization?”

“Starting to invest in that infrastructure from a strategic standpoint, as well as a tactical standpoint and a
communications and a content standpoint is just going to become more and more important as we, as a
global culture, connect and communicate more and more digitally every year.”

“As much as you need support, you also need to provide value to your supporters.”

“At some level, we’re all vetting and assessing the credibility, the reputation, the impact potential of any
organization that we’re going to give time or money or attention to.”


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