Long Shot Leaders - How to Market Yourself or Your Business and Create a Social Impact

Long Shot Leaders host Michael Stein joins with founder and creative director Eric Ressler for a conversation about how Cosmic helps organizations advertise and build brand awareness and inspire action.
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Cosmic aims to catalyze real-world change by partnering with social impact organizations to spark positive change in a rapidly evolving world. Michael and Eric discuss their efforts to deliver complex web and brand projects for local, national, and international brands, and how your biggest impact is the choices you made every day and how you run your business and treat your team, and the products that you put out.

“If you’re thinking about some kind of social impact angle, it helps if it has some kind of logical element and connecting thread between the core work that your organization does and the impact that it can have.”

Episode Highlights:

  • Eric’s long-shot story and his segue into Cosmic. [:30]
  • Needle movers and indicators of the growth at Cosmic. [5:48]
  • How does social impact show up in today’s companies? [9:43]
  • Major distinctions in today’s social enterprise model. [13:35]
  • Striking the balance between philanthropic efforts and ROI. [18:55]
  • Lessons learned from Cosmic’s STEM client. [23:40]
  • Competing effectively in the attention economy. [26:45]
  • Zeroing in on the key strengths of your organization. [32:29]
  • A look at the current state and future goals of Cosmic. [38:55]


“We ask ‘does an organization exist to move humanity forward in an authentic way?’”

“Social enterprise is not so much a differentiator anymore as it is just an integral pillar to how you run a business.”

“It can be hard to know how long to make a choice about what works or not, but there is no silver bullet that works for every organization.”

“As an organization, we only make an impact through helping our clients make a bigger impact in their work.”

“How can we make a bigger impact, challenge ourselves so we’re all growing creatively, and doing better work for our clients in ways that are more sustainable and creating experiences that lead to long-term sustainability Instead of burnout culture?”


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