Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast: The impact of brand and digital engagement on nonprofit fundraising

Our Founder & Creative Director, Eric Ressler, is a guest on the Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast. He sat down with seasoned nonprofit leaders Andrew Olsen, CFRE and Roy Jones, CFRE to explore how a digital-first approach unlocks new fundraising streams for nonprofits.
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Eric got together with Andrew and Roy to talk about why a digital-first approach is essential for your nonprofit. In addition to unlocking new revenue streams for you, your digital strategy can also create pathways for your supporters to take meaningful action and learn about how you might serve them.

Topics include:

  • How you can leverage your website to create real-world impact in the grassroots organizing space
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on social media alone to work for you as a longterm digital engagement strategy
  • Why your brand and revenue strategy don’t need to be in conflict with each other
  • How your Theory of Change can be the jumping off point for a digital strategy that results in dollars raised and supporters engaged

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