Evolved Digital Strategy Panel: How to Foster Connections and Drive Impact Using Digital Strategies

In this episode of the We Are For Good Podcast, Eric joins a panel of modern impact thinkers to explore tactics for building evolved methods to grow the digital influence of an organization.
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Together with Co-CEO, Artemis Agency Sarah Adolphson, The Elevate Prize Foundation Executive Director Carolina Garcia Jayaram, and Co-Founder and CEO, Collidescope.io Nick Lynch, Eric discusses leveraging the power of media to build digital community, marketing and branding, working with influencers, developing content in various mediums and platforms, and helping nonprofits look to the horizon for evolved methods that will grow their digital influence.

“It may not feel like it, but it’s never been a better time to be a mission-driven organization.”

Episode Highlights

  • Eric highlights the power and future of the attention economy. [2:50]
  • How social media is democratizing impact. [6:15]
  • Marketing has the potential to become a mission manifested. [9:56]
  • Turning the power of marketing into action. [10:09]
  • Ways marketing can drive impact forward. [13:50]
  • Digital strategy shifts that the sector needs to embrace. [16:18]
  • How to cultivate win-win partnerships. [27:57]
  • Trusting influencer marketing creatives. [29:30]
  • One Good Thing. [35:25]


“If all we do is just bombard supporters with content but don’t actually create meaningful connections, then we’re not going to win in the attention economy.”

“If you don’t have your foundational house in order, you’re not going to be able to maximize the benefits of your work.”

“We need to fund this work and this work needs to be part of our core strategy for the organization.”

“You do not need to do this work alone. You need to find experts to partner with or build in-house expertise.”


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