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Cosmic Founder Eric Ressler sits down with Katie Hyson from the the Business Fights Poverty podcast to talk about branding and communications campaigns that spur action.
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Social impact communications needs to up its game, but what is the best approach to affecting real change? Cosmic Founder and Creative Director Eric Ressler sits down with the host of the Business Fights Poverty podcast Katie Hyson for conversation filled with tactics for developing a branding and communications campaign that spurs on action. Eric packs this podcast with his experience at Cosmic in developing highly impactful communications on social and environmental issues. He also provides a deeply honest assessment of how California experiences environmental and social issues, and shares his thoughts on state level progress on climate and social issues could be tackled.

“If we paint climate as this issue that is completely outside our control, that’s inevitable, that it’s too late... that doesn’t actually help because it’s not inspiring people to take action.”

Episode Highlights

  • The journey that inspired Cosmic’s founding and commitment to social impact work. [1:42]

  • Developing impactful creative solutions starts with the right team, standards, and vision. [5:33]

  • Eric’s honest assessment of social and environmental impact issues that are trending in California. [7:55]

  • A call to action to solve climate changes through inspiring communications. [13:40]

  • Tips for captivating and engaging in the attention economy with effective communication regarding social impact. [15:57]

  • Eric shares some of what he has learned as a social impact leader at Cosmic. [19:45]

  • Cosmic’s focus is on communicating social impact and prioritizing climate work. [22:44]


“Getting the [social impact sector branding] bar higher is going to be really critical in helping to move some of these issues forward” - Eric

“Climate is a global problem… there is no boundary on a map when it comes to climate.” - Eric

“We’re seeing the failures of individualism over collectivism in America every single day.” - Eric

“We need to figure out how we can actually move beyond identifying issues and move toward getting creative around how we solve those things.” - Eric


LGCA Campaign case study: designbycosmic.com/work/lets-green-california/

Live Site: education.greencal.org/


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