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Need an outside perspective? Feeling stuck? Looking for a partner that understands how to communicate social impact, expand awareness, and drive action for your community?

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About Eric Ressler

Eric believes that by and large, the traditional strategies and approaches in the social impact space are still based on what worked well in the pre-digital era. This leaves many organizations under-resourced, siloed, and struggling to reach their full impact potential — because they are not leveraging the power of our current global digital culture.

Through the years, Eric has found that the missions and visions of social impact organizations are often strong, but their efforts are stymied by antiquated communications philosophies, an unfocused digital strategy, and underestimating their ability to leverage the power of the digital realm to drive positive change.

Now, Eric and Cosmic are on a mission to help social impact leaders and organizations move from being stuck in the pre-information-era charity mindset to embracing a digital-first strategy that leads to adopting the tools of the information era in order to win in today’s attention economy.

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Get an outside perspective on how your organization can raise its digital game to become a modern organization, increase awareness of your brand and your cause, and grow your community of supporters and advocates.

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Topics to Consider

Strategy — Theory of Change, Brand Strategy, Fundraising Strategy

Branding — Visual Identities, Naming, Brand Extension, Brand Style Guides, Collateral & Materials

Messaging — Brand Narrative, Voice & Tone, Mission/Vision/Values, Target Audience, Topline Messaging

Digital — Integrated Digital Experiences, Full Service Web Development, Web & Mobile Apps, Experience Design, Action Centers, Vision & Roadmapping, Information Architecture, Microsites

Content — Content Strategy, Editorial Calendars, Branded Copywriting

Campaigns — Holistic Communications Strategy, Fundraising, Awareness & Growth, Email, Social, Paid Media, Analytics & Engagement Consulting


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