We're always open to hearing from talented Designers. If the following description sounds like you, then please submit a resume and cover letter, and we'll let you know if/when a position opens up.

  • Exceptional ability to translate high-level concepts into visual designs
  • Strong familiarity with modern design aesthetics and patterns for web and app design
  • Strong ability to translate brand visuals into web and app designs
  • Strong understanding and appreciation for color, typography, and composition
  • Strong understanding of mobile & responsive design
  • Strong ability to create icons, illustrations, and supporting visual content for web and app designs
  • Solid understanding of modern web technologies and workflows
  • Ability to work directly with developers to implement designs and provide assistance during design handoff
  • Ability to defend and explain your design work to other team members, Creative Director, and clients
  • Solid understanding of designing for dynamic content
  • Strong ability to present your ideas and designs to internal team and directly to clients
  • Able to work with in a fast paced sprint cycle where new work and iterations to previous work is presented to the client on a weekly basis
  • Good communication skills, a positive attitude, enjoy working in a central, visible downtown location with an open studio space
  • Enjoy in-person collaboration and respects other team members opinions and perspectives
  • Experience in either a creative agency or the internal design department of an established company
  • You’ve got to be into beautiful design and awesome user experiences to be a good fit

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