Jacobs Farm

An Organic Family Farm Dedicated to Empowering Farmers.

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Evolving the brand hierarchy

A dual-branded company, we strategized with the Jacobs Farm Del Cabo marketing team to establish Jacobs Farm as their primary brand—an acknowledgment of the roots of the company.

Pioneers of the organic farming movement, we surfaced their core messaging of health, sustainability, and social change—highlighting their position in the market.

Jacobs Farm Website Homepage
Jacobs Farm website additional pages

Distinct yet integrated

Their domestic and international brands speak to different but equally important audiences. We updated their branding to give each brand its own identity. Each brand retains elements of their origins. Visual elements on the site tie the two brands together and are carried into other collateral.

Jacobs Farm Del Cabo brand identity hats
Jacobs Farm Del Cabo brand identity tot bag
Jacobs-Farm-Del-Cabo-brand-identity-Business Cards

Business Card design for paired brands

Jacobs-Farm-Del-Cabo-website landing

Custom brand extension

Little details give the site a unique feel. Section breaks on long pages call back to the Jacobs Farm logo. The hand-drawn aspect of the section breaks mimics the logo as well. Content cards with the sunrise element unify the site further.

We developed distinct color palettes for Jacobs Farm and Del Cabo, then created assets that bring them together.

Jacobs-Farm-Del-Cabo-website detail
Jacobs-Farm-Del-Cabo-website mobile navigation

Mobile Navigation

Highlighting social change

Jacobs Farm Del Cabo is proud of their ongoing support of farmers and their communities. Organic farmers since their inception in 1980, sustainable farming and growing healthy food is at the heart of the company. We worked with them to feature their unwavering dedication to these principles.

Jacobs-Farm-Del-Cabo-website social purpose


At their core, Jacobs Farm grows organic produce. The Products page was designed to feel warm and enticing.

Jacobs-Farm-Del-Cabo-website Products

Field Notes

Jacobs Farm is ultimately about people. Their Field Notes provide recipes for the food they grow, information about the company, the latest data on the products the produce, and events where people can meet their dedicated team.

Jacobs-Farm-Del-Cabo-website Recipes and Tips
Jacobs-Farm-Del-Cabo-website News and Events

As a Result

The rebranding effort and new site helped Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo return to their roots as a social enterprise. They now have a fresh, modern look that tells their story of an international organic farming organization that supports Healthy Soils, Healthy Plants, and Healthy People.