Branding a Change Network

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OF/BY/FOR ALL is a global movement and a set of tools to help community organizations around the world, such as museums, libraries, parks, theaters, and community institutions become of, by, and for their community.

Logo Design

Intentional Iteration

We explored many different directions with the intention of creating a foundational logo that would be immediately recognizable and scalable. The design also had to allow the organization to have location specific branded logos (i.e. OF/BY/FOR Santa Cruz)

Of By For All Brand Identity Concepts

Initial concepts

As the iterative process moved forward, we honed in on a crest look that felt traditional in format, but forward-thinking in its design.

Of By For All Brand Identity Concepts Round 2

Starting to refine the focus

Brand Identity

Powerful & Interconnected Brand

The brand needed to feel like a force for action rather than a passive set of tools. It had to represent a movement. The nature of the brand mission also requires that it be inclusive to attract potential partners and the people their partners serve and wish to attract. The resulting brand projects strength and aligns with the organization's purpose and identity.

Due to the interconnected nature of the brand, we knew that the brand system needed to be clear, modular, and scalable. The mark is built from three structural hexagons that represent the OF, BY, and FOR elements. Together the shapes create a unified symbol that represents a powerful change network.

Brand Style Guide

A Flexible, Extendable System

As with any brand, OF/BY/FOR ALL’s brand identity is much more than just a logo. To convey its complex and nuanced story and create a consistent brand experience, we created a detailed guide. Using brand extension samples we defined a unique and flexible design language that speaks to multiple audiences and satisfies varied use cases.

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Of By For All Brand Identity Bee

Bee Badge

We used the structural format of the logo to create a bee icon that works as a badge. It represents the hive nature of the group and can be given to an individual or partner organization when they’ve done something particularly cool or impactful.

Of By For All Brand Identity Shirt Bee
Of By For All Brand Identity Poster Fill In
Of By For All Brand Identity Poster Network

A Rapidly Growing Network

Civic Leaders

Cosmic helped us distill our vague concept of change into a powerful brand supported by design and messaging that really resonated with us. They helped us clarify and communicate our intended impact allowing us to jumpstart our vision of community based change.

Headshot nina

Nina Simon

Founder of OF/BY/FOR ALL


Since its launch, the rapidly growing OF/BY/FOR ALL change network has experienced significant success. Global recognition and passionate support from multiple civic institutions led to an exciting pilot cohort comprised of 40 civic leaders from four countries.

Branding & Strategy

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