Mount Madonna Center and Institute

Dual websites for a retreat center and educational institution

Copywriting, Website Design, Development
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The Mount Madonna Center offers a beautiful, community managed space for yoga retreats, personal practice, spiritual and personal development programs, and a variety of classes and workshops.

Its sister organization, the Mount Madonna Institute, is a private, non-profit educational institution providing high quality, professional and academic instruction and training in the fields of Yoga, Āyurveda, and Community Studies. They asked us to create two modern, interrelated websites that allow site visitors to browse their offerings and get a feel for their peaceful haven, located on 355 acres of redwoods and grasslands

Crafting a Flexible Design System

The scope and flexibility of the Mount Madonna Center and Institute were simply too extensive for us to custom-design each and every page. Instead, we approached the project with a styleguide-driven design process.

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Piecing it Together

We thought through all of the different layouts and content types needed and created flexible content blocks that could be used to build out pages. We created background patterns, border elements, and ‘bullets’ based on mandalas and yantras to soften the site and give it a more feminine feel.

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What's Happening

The Mount Madonna Center hosts a variety of programs and retreats. They needed a robust calendar feature that was simple to manage and update.

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Our organization has grown and evolved organically over 40 years, and has never quite fit into any box. Cosmic really took the time to get to know us and understand the challenges we faced. Thanks to their patience, diligence, and expertise, we crystallized a relatable identity and the exquisite website they designed for us has won the hearts of the founders and newcomers alike.

Shantam Galuten

Mount Madonna Center