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Our Process

Our process is super-collaborative, where our clients become part of the team. We're big believers in frequent, active communication. Our team is organized in a flat, hierarchy-free structure where everyone has input and responsibility.

We often identify ourselves as 'T-shaped' people: each of us has a particular focus, but also works across multiple disciplines. This lets us mesh our strengths and weaknesses into a mighty team.

Our favorite projects are built from the ground up. Digital strategy works best with an integrated approach where brand, design, content, photo, and video are all imagined and implemented by a tight-knit, focused team.

The Cosmic Process


The Cosmic Process


The Cosmic Process


The Cosmic Process


The Cosmic Process

Cosmic Canons

  • Find Inspiration

    Follow your curiosity.

  • Communicate

    Clearly and often.

  • Have Conviction

    Stand behind your ideas.

  • Be Nimble

    Change is good.

  • Stay Current

    Technology changes fast.

  • Have Fun

    Life’s too short.

  • Be Respectful

    Alternative opinions have value.

  • Get Uncomfortable

    Safety kills creativity.

  • Keep Learning

    There’s always more to know.

  • Be Professional

    The high moral ground has a nice view.