Traveling at light speed.

A diverse crew with a single objective.

A look behind the Cosmic Curtain.

We’re a strategically small and focused crew of design geeks interested in cutting-edge technology. If it’s experimental & innovative, we want to check it out.

We’ve built a culture around living and working in an inspiring place. Santa Cruz is “California à la carte.” It’s got all the cool things in one place – mountains, ocean, and a growing design & tech scene – without the commute. Silicon Valley is just over the hill with San Francisco an hour and some change up the coast.

We like to forge our own path through intentional choices, which can be seen in our work and our lifestyle.

Our Crew

  • Eric Ressler Eric Ressler Funny

    Eric Ressler

    Founder & Creative Director

    Interests: Design, Branding, Typography, Photography, Video & Film, Music, Technology, Outdoor Exploration, Plus Bacon.

    Background: Hailing from San Diego State University, Eric launched Cosmic in 2007 in response to the growing demand for his design skills. He’s led the strategic growth of Cosmic - keeping it small, responsive, professional and fun. In addition to his personal contributions to each project, Eric ensures that Cosmic consistently provides high creative value and achieves our clients’ goals.
  • Lisa Benson Lisa Benson Funny

    Lisa Benson

    Client Director

    Interests: Zen of Modern Business in the new economy, Exceptional Communication, Vampire Hunters, Kick-Ass Heroines, Cool Hunting, Classic Blues.

    Background: Born into a business family, Lisa’s been an entrepreneur since she could pronounce it. She followed up stints in the UCSC Theater and Art Center College of Design Film departments with 15 years in finance and business consulting in multiple industries.
  • Edgar Vargas Edgar Vargas Funny

    Edgar Vargas


    Interests: Interface Design, Information Architecture, Typography, Underground Hip-Hop & Death Metal, Collecting Awesome Hats.

    Background: Coming out of the Graphic Design program at Fresno State, Edgar is our in-house UI and UX expert. With our focus on design for usability, his experience makes him an invaluable part of our team.
  • Matt Parcher Matt Parcher Funny

    Matt Parcher


    Interests: Web & Mobile Development, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Politics, Video & Film, The Great Outdoors.

    Background: After growing up in San Diego, Matt spent time at UC Santa Cruz studying Computer Science and gaining an appreciation for all aspects of the development process. A lifelong advocate for the ability of technology to affect change, he’s been building on the web since 2006.
  • Brian Jensen Brian Jensen Funny

    Brian Jensen


    Interests: Design, Branding, Travel, Cooking, Typography, Homebrew, Simplicity, Coffee, This American Life, Sweaters.

    Background: Growing up in San Jose, Brian graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Design Studies from San Jose State University. Brian focuses on how design influences and shapes all forms of culture.
  • Matt Steele Matt Steele Funny

    Matt Steele


    Interests: Copywriting, Brand Messaging, Video Direction & Production, Black Tea, NPR, Lacuna Coil, Semi-pro Gaming.

    Background: A film geek out of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Matt’s career began in Hollywood. Over the past two decades, his writing branched into marketing, brand messaging and web content development.
  • Bill Columbia Bill Columbia Funny

    Bill Columbia


    Interests: Being Outside, The Ocean, 4x4s, Design, Minimalism, Music, Computer Hardware, Building Both Physical & Digital Things. Background: Born and raised in Florida, Bill’s convinced computer hardware to do his his bidding since childhood. He began working on the web in high school, which led to a BA in Web Design from UCF. A designer/developer hybrid, he relentlessly finds new ways to make both aspects of the web play nicely together.
  • Talia Talia Funny


    Studio Greeter

    Talia is a thug. G'd up from the paws up.